During a recent off-leash walk, a farmer was spreading cured manure onto a field right next to the walk. Tony thought this stuff smelled very lovely. He rolled in it and ate some of it before I realized what was happening. He reluctantly come to me after a “Here” command.

Tony thought he was in heaven and smelled so good that any other dog would date him in a minute. He was quite proud of the fact that he was able to eat some as well. We had some words which I believe went in one ear and out the other.

The walk was finished quite quickly, and I took Mr. “I smell wonderful” home for a much-hated bath. The dog washes are closed due to COVID-19, so there was an extra mess to clean up at home.

After all was done, Tony smelled much better for humans, and he did sulk for a while because he figured no dogs would date him now. There was no stomach upset from his consumption of manure, so I think I was able to stop him in time.

We will be avoiding that walk for another couple of weeks.

During a recent visit to the Vet. Tony was weighed. It appears I have been spoiling him too much with treats and he has put on weight. His food has been reduced by 1/3, and his treats are now carrots. Hopefully, we will get rid of his winter weight over a short period of time.

Submitted By: Stephen Ouston