Trillium has had many new adventures this month. It began with a trip on the ferry to Vancouver Island. Trillium was very comfortable on the ferry, walking around on the decks, doing the stairs and riding the elevator. Trillium has also spent time at a barn meeting horses and playing in the hayloft.

Now that she is 8 months old her she has started to grow out of the silly puppy stage and getting into less mischief than before. While she remains very inquisitive she has now been expressed to so many things that she can more easily focus on her skills and training. We had our first in-person class at a park last week where she did very well. Our training is currently focused on a more seamless loose lease walking, walking step by step together with me on stairs, ‘hind-end awareness’, and picking up a variety of items in her teeth ie. car keys.

Trillium now has a small wading pool which she loves, although a bit too much as she drags it with her across the yard and has already put holes in it!

Submitted by: Shannon