My raisers take me almost everywhere they go, so I am comfortable in all situations. This month they took me to the movie theatre to see a special screening of “Star Wars: Rise of Skywalker”! It is my most favouritest movie EVER! It’s extra special because my sponsors, Disney/ILM, made that movie just for me!!! They really love me.

I’ve been working hard at Puppy Kindergarten. Our challenge this month was to spell our names in kibble and NOT eat it! I needed some help with the spelling, but I was very good at not eating the kibble off the ground. One time, I accidentally stepped on the kibble, so it said my nickname, Trix! Even then, I made sure not to eat it. In fact, after that I took the loooong way around the kibble to make extra sure not to touch it!

I went to lots of interesting places this month like school concerts, restaurants, soccer games, pet stores, malls, work, church, and I even met Santa! (He said I’m on the Nice list! Yippeee!) I’m working on lots of behaviours that will set me up for success in the future. Things like walking nicely beside my raiser and not pulling on the leash even when there are distractions around, toileting on command, not eating things that aren’t mine, and learning when it’s play time and when it’s rest time. The raisers say I’m doing really well. I AM still a puppy though, so there is still lots of learning and practicing to do!

Submitted By: Kristin Sedore