Happy New Year! 2020 started with a Polar Plunge! Not for me, but I did get to watch the swimmers with the big crowd. I prefer the warm water in the bathtub. We saw two other PADS puppies at the pretty exciting event! We weren’t allowed to play since we were in our capes, but I did have some other fun playdates this month. I had my first big sleepover. The puppy sitters were sooooo nice! They said I was “an A+ dog”!!! They introduced me to many new friends – even a kitty cat!

We had a big snowfall this month! My hoomans took me for a walk and then a play in the snow. It was chilly, but so fun! I’m doing much better at knowing when it’s relaxing time and lay down quietly. I know they will pay attention to me as soon as they can. It’s just still a little hard sometimes.

Submitted By: Kristin Sedore