From my photos this month, you would think all I do is sleep! I do have to admit I LOVE cuddling! However, we did get out on some fun adventures – and then I would crash when we got home! We’re doing lots of exploring outdoors and working on something they call “impulse control.” It’s tough work, but I’m getting better. (I notice that the better I get, the harder they make it! Ha!) The best part is when I focus really hard on my handler; they often let me go sniff the fascinating thing anyway. Score!

We are working on this mostly outdoors. Not to brag, but my impulse control is pretty awesome in stores. 🙂 It’s true! (The smells just aren’t as interesting as outdoors.) Inside, lots of people stare at me, staring at my handler. They say such nice things about me! I love it!

Submitted by: Kristin Sedore