What an exciting month! I traveled from my Dogs with Wings family in Edmonton to join my PADS family in Calgary and then I met my puppy raisers in Vancouver! As if that wasn’t exciting enough, I also met my wonderful sponsors who chose my name (which I love, by the way! So thank you!) So many exciting things have happened that it’s impossible to list them all!

Some highlights: all my new friends (obviously!), sleeping through the night (my raisers seem VERY excited about this!), meeting a stormtrooper and a ninja turtle, evening strolls on the boardwalk, puppy class where I’m learning SO much, rides on the Skytrain, Costco (there is a whole aisle of toys and treats!), watching a soccer game, and puppy yoga (this is SO relaxing!) AND I made the COVER of the 2020 PADS Puppy Calendar!!! I’m one lucky puppy!

Submitted By: Kristin Sedore