Tweed has had some interesting experiences this month!He has been to choir & jazz concerts, a computer class, the hairdresser’s, up to the strata clubhouse for presentations and learningMahJongg, peoples’ houses for dinner with us, and restaurants.He loves being under the table during games where he snuggles on someone’s feet, keeping them warm. Tweed is well-known in the strata for his good manners and handsome looks. We walk on the Parksville boardwalk ignoring the many dogs, kids, bikes and gulls. Tweed often meets with his PADS friends, Smore & Campbell, to practice in the malls and fun off-leash runs in the woods. A cuddly boy!

Advanced location: West Coast (Vancouver Island)

Thank you again for all your support of Advanced Dog Campbell!

Submitted by: Nancy, Advanced Training Sitter