Lilo in her vest, lying down looking at camera with her front paws crossed.

This month I got to go to more places with my raisers and got to practice lots of things like walking with a shopping cart, going to restaurants and coffee shops and learning to be very tolerant of things that make me uncomfortable. This makes my mom so happy and I even was able to sit very still while she vacuumed me!!

She was so proud and happy and I really like it when I can do the right thing and get my kibble rewards and lots of scratches and praise! It’s my favourite thing…..but mostly the kibble because my raisers say I am something called “food driven” soooo… We also learned so many new things this month like jump on, target (still working on this one), heel, (just gotta tuck my butt in a bit more), I am rocking “chin” and I think just yesterday I learned something called Stand…. It’s been a pretty great month and I can’t wait to tell you my story next month….see you then:)

Submitted By: Shawna Frasch