Lilo in her vest, lying down looking at camera with her front paws crossed.

My name is Tweed and I got to do some cool stuff this month. I have stayed with a few PADS dogs that are older than me so I learned a few things. I also got to meet my brother Denim and I realize I am a lot bigger than any of my other siblings. We got to have a play date and play in the snow which I love to do. I also got to go for a long snowshoe in the forest with my mom and dad and I had so much fun!

I am working on loose leash walking, chin, shake a paw and settling on my bed. Its hard to stay there because I am so curious but if I do I get lots of pieces of kibble and I will do almost anything for a treat! The one thing I mastered and it made my mom so happy is not barking anymore when the vacuum is on…I asked my mom to post a picture of me when it was running because I was so proud of how well I did!!!

Submitted By: Shawna and Randall Frasch