This month I worked on self-control while on our walks, and learned that if I walk really well, my mom is so happy and I get LOTS of treats still!

I got to visit my friends at the school, but this was the last month before summer break and they were sad to say goodbye.

This month was Pride Parade in Kelowna!!!  We had so much fun talking to so many people about how awesome it is to raise a PADS dog like me!

I also went with my mom to get her hair done and there was another small dog there that barked a lot!  For some reason, since that dog was excited, I was able to listen to my mom and just settle and be calm.  I didn’t even care – which my mom said made her very proud, because that’s not what usually happens.  I guess I’m starting to grow up and I like that!

Submitted By: Shawna Frasch