Tweed has enjoyed a busy month with George, his sitter, and Daegan, his doggy best friend. He and Daegan made more visits to Peak House, where they gave and received lots of love. They also helped George, and another volunteer give a couple of presentations to some of the students at Trudeau Elementary School in Vancouver. Both behaved extremely well and seemed quite comfortable interacting with groups of children. Tweed also accompanied George on a visit to a classroom at Shaughnessy Elementary, again in Vancouver, where he was very calm and well-behaved despite lots of attention from the students. Finally, he and George spent some time with the VPD Victim Services unit. First, they visited their facility at the police station and then met some team members. Then, another day, they visited the courthouse and practiced in an empty courtroom. Tweed was extremely well-behaved throughout both visits. 

It’s not all been work, of course. Walks in Pacific Spirit Park with George and Daegan are always lots of fun and a chance to romp with each other and some of the other dogs they meet. They’ve also been enjoying the company of Odie, a Golden Retriever who’s been a house guest for the last couple of weeks. There’s been lots of chasing, wrestling, tugging and bitey-face, as well as lots of good snuggles with each other and George.

Advanced training location: West Coast 

Submitted by: George Prevost, Advanced Training Sitter