HI! I am now almost 6 months old and my raisers say I am doing really well!! I am feeling quite attached these days and don’t really like to be alone at all but I am trying and my dad says he read it’s mostly due to my age. I think this will make me such a great helper and companion for my person one day. I will love being right by their side ready to listen to a command anytime they need something.

I am working on my durations and I get a ton of little kibble rewards for how well I am doing with that! This month I went on more outings- we went grocery shopping a few times, to a movie, restaurants, some fun hikes and I tried swimming…..soooo awesome!! The coolest thing that happened this month is I got to meet my sponsor. She is also waiting for her forever PADS doggy and I think I made her feel happy and more excited for when that day comes. I hope it’s soon:)

Submitted By: Shawna Frasch