My Mom and Dad, as well as lots of other people that we meet, say I am such a nice dog. I guess I am growing up these days.
I am working on my duration a lot lately and I’ve decided that it’s mostly just easier to do what they ask. I get rewarded for just hanging out and waiting, so I’m pretty good with that. I still have to be reminded to take treats gently but as soon as I remember, I am so gentle and I try really hard with that. I am very patient and watch for what my mom needs me to do almost all day. Recently, we have been going on lots of walks and I have to walk so nice on the leash because it always pays off! I haven’t been able to go out and do as many things as usual, I do really miss that. I am hoping that I can help bring some happiness to the people who are working at the stores really soon and keep working on my skills.
Love Tweed

Submitted By: Shawna Frasch