Tweed was on the move this month. He is now staying in Kitsilano with his new sitter George and his new best friend, PADS Daegan. He and Daegan have enjoyed each other’s company with lots of snuggles, walks in the forest, vigorous games of tug and friendly bouts of bitey face. They are both big, handsome black Labs; they look so much alike that some people think they are twins, and George sometimes has to look at their collars to see which is which! Since Tweed arrived, he and Daegan have made two visits to Peak House (a voluntary live-in treatment program for youth experiencing problems with drugs or alcohol). They are appreciated both for the unconditional love and affection they both offer and the fun and excitement they bring. Tweed is an excellent fit for this kind of work. George has been impressed with Tweed’s happy, affectionate personality, his quick response to cues and his enthusiasm for working and learning. During a recent visit to the doctor’s office, Tweed did an excellent job of going into a tight space under some chairs and then waiting patiently there for almost half an hour. What a good boy! 

Thank you again for all your support of Advanced Dog Tweed!

Advanced training location: West Coast 

Submitted by: George Prevost, Advanced Training Dog Sitter