Valour is going through assessments for the PADS Breeding Program. We are waiting to hear back about the first two tests, which she had done in Calgary. She has gone to Vancouver for a couple more.

While in Vancouver, Valour went to meet Jocelyn and Marie who had Roma, her mom, with them. She was SO excited and so was Roma!!

Valour is such a sensitive dog. She will sometimes watch TV, especially when there is a dog or bear cubs or another animal in the program. Last week, we were watching a movie and Valour was asleep. There was a very emotional part where an older woman was distraught but not able to speak. The energy in the room had shifted (I was crying). Valour woke up, sat up, and watched the TV. Her head was cocked to one side and she had a worried look on her face. She then looked from me to the TV, very worried. It was amazing!

Submitted By: Dana Stephenson