Veronica Jan 2016 IMG_4527What an awesome start to the New Year!  We got a little surprise ~ PADS Twix, now know as SFSD MASH, came to stay with us until he is old enough to head to St. Francis Service Dogs Foundation in Virginia at the end of February.  The girls really enjoyed having him and he was so much fun to play with, but he tired me out!

Veronica Jan 2016 IMG_4599I love sharing my house with him.  He gets to spend 1/2 his time here and the other 1/2 at Banff’s house.  I’m showing him how to sit, go down and come here.  I’m hoping that he’ll figure out that big dogs do their business outside!

Veronica Jan 2016 IMG_4721     Veronica Jan 2016 IMG_4709

I needed to go to class at PADS to get a break from the little guy.  Here’s me on the right with my littermates from Florida, Betty on the left and Archie in the middle.  What a good looking group of siblings!

We could keep our ‘downs’ for nearly 5 minutes.  Not such an easy task in a room with 13 other dogs!  We ROCKED this!

Submitted by our PADS Puppy-in-Training, Veronica, and her PADS Volunteer Puppy Raiser, Kerry Smith.