Veronica Oct 2015 IMG_4037What an awesome Halloween!

Veronica got to visit the local elementary school for the costume parade and also contributed by coming as a ‘Fairy Dog’.

Veronica enjoyed the various Halloween props – especially the flying bat (hmmm….we’re still working on the prey drive) and the cauldron of smokey potions.

Veronica didn’t mind all the costumes this year!  I suppose she had no choice in our crazy house!

Veronica Oct 2015 IMG_4008  Veronica Oct 2015 IMG_4015   Veronica Oct 2015 IMG_4084

Veronica Oct 2015 IMG_3968She finally got some relaxation taking part in the BCIT De-stress event to help students relax during their mid-term exams. Veronica loved getting endless pets and meeting countless new people.  Hard to believe that people would wait 30 minutes in line up to pet a puppy!  But then again…. WHO could resist VERONICA?

Submitted by our incredible PADS Volunteer Puppy Raiser, Kerry Smith.