This month has flown by! I have enjoyed being back at both of my raiser’s houses and continuing to work hard on learning how to be a good service dog puppy!

The big event was that I went to the SPCA for surgery….and came back feeling a little different like something was missing? Hmmm. I had to spend 2 weeks on leash when I wasn’t at home, which was ok but I was very excited when I finally got to have a good romp again! I am feeling better now!

In training, I have been working on backing up straight and stepping my hind end onto platforms to build strength and nimbleness in my back end. This will help me move into my “heels’ and “sides” well and stay nice and tight to the human I serve. I have also been working still on not being so distracted by dogs! I love them all and want to play! But I am learning that it is WAY more worth my while to pay attention to my handler. Sometimes now I look at them immediately when I see a dog. They really like it when I do that!

Submitted by: Vigo