This month I have been enjoying going between both my raiser’s houses and had some adventures with sitters too! 

I am working to “go in” under a table on cue, as well as to go to my bed when the doorbell rings!  It is kind of a fun game!  I can even do it while my human is lying on the couch!

Highlights from this month have also included lying in the patio in the sun – so relaxing – and a fun hike at Lighthouse point.   So many good smells! 

I also had an overnight with 2 other dog friends in Whistler.  I was very excited about that at first but I learned over the weekend that my friends aren’t going anywhere so it is ok to have downtime when we are all together too.

We all went for a hike together in the Cheakemus Valley which was fun – I love to run up the trail and then come flying back towards my human because she always has kibbles ready!  I also walked along a wobbly bridge way above the river and wasn’t bothering in the least.  I am working hard to be a confident pup.

Submitted By: Jane Koopman