I had a number of good adventures with my raisers this month. I got to go on lots of fun hikes and a vacation to the Sunshine Coast where we had a beach to run on all to ourselves! I love all the great smells and space there is at the beach. Such fun. I have been getting better at paying more attention to my humans than to dogs, they tell me that is a good idea so I am trying to do that more. And in training am starting to understand the difference between “heel” and “side” when I hear those words and really getting better at “roll”! We all survived the heat wave together by sleeping downstairs and eating lots of icy snacks. Man it was hot! I didn’t want to do anything at all besides lay on the cool floor and stand in the water. I did get to take a fun field trip to Spanish Banks (more beach running!) and Lynn Canyon to cool down. Happy summer everyone!