Woof! <<Hello>>


How are you? I hope that the transition to fall is treating you well. I’m really enjoying the fall colours and the crisp evening air during my walks. I have been maximizing on the nice weather by going on hikes and forest walks with my raiser and family. We also went on little adventures/excursions before school/work resumed. I had fun going to a drive-in movie to celebrate Leif’s 13th birthday. It was fun as I got to wander around and sniff a lot but then had to settle for a while in the car. I also went on a camping trip, but it was quite wet, so I didn’t really love it. My raiser had to travel for work, so I spent a bit of time with a sitter. It was fun to go on a sleepover. I’d say it was a good month before the fall really hits when everything is wet, wet, wet… 

Well, I am signing off for now as I’m going to play with my new toy.  



Submitted by: Jessica