VIMY II continues to progress in training. He has been practicing all his skills in his new stability harness and is doing well at learning to complete his skills while wearing the extra equipment. Rob often takes Vimy out for coffer and to various other areas where he has to practice maneuvering through tight spaces. So far, they have only knocked over one chair and bumped into one table! Good work, Vimy! When he is not training, Vimy loves to spend time with his best buddy Daegan. The two boys can often be found cuddling together for nap time or having a wrestle in the yard or the office.

  • Skills being learned: Doing all skills while wearing a bracing harness, practicing paw skills to push buttons and open doors.
  • Recent field trips: Parskville boardwalk, local library, off leash dog parks
  • Possible behavior challenges: N/A
  • Potential career path: Service

Thank you again for all your support of Advanced Dog Vimy!

Submitted by: Advanced Instructor Rob Mackay