VIMY II has really matured the last few months and is preparing for his pre-placement testing, which he will hopefully get to run through in the next month or so. We have been going a little slower with Vimy as Rob has learned that he is a slower pace kind of guy. This is good to know as it will help us make a proper match for both client and dog. When he is not training with Rob and Rob’s advanced training volunteers, Vimy loves to have a good romp in the yard or at the off-leash dog park with his training buddies Daegan, Dax and Gatsby. We hope to have more news about Vimy’s pre-placement testing soon!

  • Skills being learned: Differentiating between turning lights on and/or off, sharpening all learned skills.
  • Recent field trips: Local community centers, various dog parks and off leash trails, various other training field trips.
  • Possible behavior challenges: N/A
  • Potential career path: Service

Thank you again for all your support of Advanced Dog Vimy!

Submitted by: Advanced Instructor Rob Mackay