Last week, Wallaby attended a Gala fundraiser with me. It was very busy and loud, but Wallaby did very well. He walked through the food buffet line with me with no problems, and he also settled under the table very well. It was a 5 hour event and he managed well the whole time. He was very polite on his meet and greets with people. Wallaby has been working hard on his off-leash recall and is getting pretty good at it. It’s not 100% reliable, but it’s getting close! He has also been working on his “wait” at thresholds. He is quite consistent when he is given a “wait” and responds well to “out.” It is a little more challenging off-leash, but he is improving with this too. Wallaby has been working on walking on a loose leash. He is good at this indoors, but needs a little more work on walks. He is getting quite good at it, but still moves away from my side to investigate something that he feels is more interesting. Wallaby is a lovely, sweet, gentle guy. Barking is his biggest issue, but we will continue to work on this.

Submitted By: Michelle Vally