December was a lot of fun. This was my first Christmas ever. We decorated the house and the coolest thing of all, was that we had a tree in our house! I was told that I’m not allowed to take the decorations off of the tree. I’m a good boy so it wasn’t hard for me. Sometimes, I would stand close to the tree and wag my tail resulting in things falling off of it.

This month we worked on being a good listener when dogs are around. Since we are still working from home and not going out much, I don’t see many dogs so when I finally get to see other dogs I get super duper excited. I would say it’s going well, but I still have work to do on not being so distracted when other dogs are around. I am also working on my recall, especially when there are distractions, it’s sometimes hard to leave the exciting new thing I’m exploring. I’m getting better at my recall, and the part is, when I come back, I always get a treat!

Submitted by: Kellen & Kristy Rosenau