Whimsy has been a busy girl in her first few weeks away from mom, Cadence. Met and played with some fun big PADS pups; Badger, Bessie, Joy, and Nala. Met all kinds of festive people at raisers’ work, home, and out and about. Got lots of ooes and awes; made teenage girl’s day when we met each other at WG shopping centre. Slept through alot of my first theater movie, Grinch and sure liked watching all the things Max could do. Wagged along with jingle bells at Christmas kettle stand. Attended first puppy class and sure had fun playing with fellow kindergarten pupmates. Spent a day with sitter and still loving Christmas toy. Loved friend’s cat tree and shrugged at cat. Looking forward to New Year and seeing world through eyes, ears, and mouth of puppy, Whimsy.

Submitted By: Sylvia Praught