Lilo in her vest, lying down looking at camera with her front paws crossed.

SNOW – Wilbur’s first experience, so very hard to compete with that, but there were a couple of amazing events that were right on par. The anniversary of Wilbur’s birth… and he had a birthday party. His sponsor, YVR threw a party, invited his siblings, his momma, cousins and friends!! An awesome event celebrated with his YVR employee family. And, his idol, PADs Kylo came to demonstrate his service dogs skills.  

Then to top off February, we were moved from beginner to intermediate class. There we immediately started to work on our transitions through doorways. Our work environment at the airport is very conducive to this type of training given we have many types of doors – sliding automatic opening doors, elevators security controlled doors … lots to practice with. All in all, February was a great month.

Submitted By: Sarah Gallagher