Spring has sprung! And with it, there are lots of smells, and beautiful flowers are appearing everywhere! This month I worked hard with my raiser to stay focused and be on task even when there are lots to see around me. My hoomans are very proud of the accomplishments I’ve made this month, including loose leash walking around a school while the kids were out at recess. Staying calm in the house when there are lots of people working outside. And quietly chewing on my bone or taking a nap while the hooman works. These skills will all help me become the best assistance dog in training! It can be as important that I walk quietly next to my future client while we are out and about. And I stay calm and quiet until asked to do something when I’m out in the world.

Looking forward to what March has in store for me! ( Apparently, I have a birthday coming up!) Thanks for following me on my journey!

Submitted by: Katie Dabe