Yoki has had so many adventures this month! Along with adventures at Grouse Mountain and quite a few local cafes, we took her on an airplane for a trip to Quebec. She was an absolute super star. She calmly sat at our feet for hours between Vancouver and Toronto and then again between Toronto and Montreal.

She toileted on command between airplanes, much to our amazement. That was a long time for a wee pup to hold it! She had a wonderful time frolicking in Quebec’s deep snow and going for walks in the snowy forest. She got loads of attention as my entire family was there and everyone fell in love. Even with all of the excitement, she was able to settle nicely and (mostly) behave beautifully.

We are still working with Yoki on not picking things up off the ground, both on and off leash as well as at home and we are still working with her on her toileting. We have made slow but steady progress on the former and quite good progress on the latter. She still has the occasional accident but they are fewer and farther between, and it is apparently not at all a problem if we are on an airplane!

We all still feel so lucky to be Yoki’s raisers. She is such a lovely pup.

Submitted By: Lori Torlone