Yoki loves to play tug! Lately she has decided that if anyone is sitting on the couch, they are in prime tugging position and should definitely play with her. She will bring them one of her animals and place it on their lap. If she gets no reaction, she will leave the animal on their lap and go get a different animal. She will do this until she is out of animals or they have finally succumbed to her charms and agreed to play tug. She can be very convincing!

Yoki is a clever pup who loves to work for kibble. She learns quickly and loves a new trick!
We are currently working on all things beginner puppy class and most things seem to be moving in the right direction. Her big distractions are squirrels, balls, and food that’s not hers. We are working on our squirrel distraction and our ball thievery. We’re trying to convince Yoki that we’re more fun than squirrels and other dogs’ bouncy balls as well as that not all food is hers. So far, she’s not buying it (see the bit about her being clever!) but we’ll get there!

Submitted By: Lori Torlone