Oh my, this will be my last pupdate for York: turn-in is on Nov. 8. We will miss York VERY much! 

York spent the first part of October recovering from his neuter surgery (Sept. 29). He had many neighbourhood walks with loose leash walking practise + wait + sit + down + stand durations. At home, we practised all learning areas that could be done quietly, with little movement (and there are many!) After stitches were removed (Oct. 12), we enjoyed woods walks–off leash, meeting & playing with dogs without humping! On Oct. 28, we went on a neighbourhood walk practising ‘go in’ + durations for wait, sit, stand, and down. In Save-on-Foods, York walked cooperatively throughout the store, staying close to the cart I pushed; it was an almost perfect outing for a 19-month-old, but York barked ONCE at me while we stood in line to pay (oh dear!)

While most photos attached reflect Hallowe’en, there are two included because they show an important side of York. York often patiently waits for me to do whatever I am doing before I can attend to him. There is a picture of York waiting outside the bathroom door while I brush my teeth. This is a typical nightly routine; York chooses to lie down and wait for his turn. Then, when I finish brushing my teeth, he comes in for his teeth brushing. Yes, he chews on the toothbrush a bit, but he also knows our routine and allows his teeth to be brushed. 

Otherwise, Hallowe’en! Thanks to our class trainers, Heather, Chelsea, and Jackie, for organizing a fun party! Best Wishes from The Bee & The Apiarist

Submitted by: Sandra