Yoshi (formerly Kobe) is really enjoying school, now that the linoleum floors aren’t so scary!

When he arrived at the end of September, he was overwhelmed and frightened by new surfaces and refused to go up stairs, especially the open-backed ones off our deck.

 However, he’s made HUGE strides in his comfort and confidence and is happy with his new raiser (and her hubby).

Grade 9 Science class was really interesting when there were 29 students in the room, but now that we are online, it’s lonely in the classroom, so we go for daily “love walks” around the school to say hello to random staff and students.  Yoshi also likes to spend a few minutes outside with the high schoolers as they leave between 11:15 and 11:45.  He enjoyed his first in-person, outdoor puppy class, and has been working hard on lured heel, side and chin, and is thrilled to work.  Evening walks in the neighbourhood are fun, too, although there is so much to sniff that “let’s go” is a bit problematic – but we’re working on it and it’s getting better all the time.

Yoshi knows where the treats come from, so he is rarely more than 3 feet from his raiser!  He has lots of energy, so occasional visits to the dog park (about once a week) are a great way to get the zoomies out, while working on his new-name recall.

While Yoshi has been out to restaurants a few times, he’s mostly been a homebody while we get adjusted.  More adventures to come!

Submitted By: Elizabeth Cousar