I puppy sat Yukon for three weeks in September. He is a very sweet boy and tries very hard to please. I loved watching him with my 2-year old granddaughter. They were eye to eye and he followed her everywhere, being gentle most of the time. His tail is something to watch out for, though!

He enjoyed the first snowfall of the season and had lots of fun racing around the back yard in knee deep snow! He loved to play hide and seek and was very proud of himself when he found me!

We worked very hard to get Yukon to take kibble “gently” from my hand. His enthusiasm for food sometimes makes him forget his manners, but it does help him to learn things quickly. He is very good with his commands and we worked on reducing his barking at unseen noises and taming his enthusiastic greetings of people who came to the door.

A real gem of a dog!

Submitted By: Cathy Gray (part-time puppy raiser)