ZARIA has been spending this month getting to know Apprentice Instructor Ashley. Ashley, with the assistance of Jessica and several dedicated advanced training volunteers, will be continuing Zaria’s training as her advanced trainer. Zaria is working on refining her skills and obedience to hopefully be ready for pre-placement testing in the New Year. When she is not training, Zaria loves to have a good romp in the yard with Sassafras, Dusty and Valour.

  • Skills being learned: differentiating between ‘light’ and ‘switch’ cues, refining retrieve with more challenging objects.
  • Recent field trips: Robert Burnaby Park, Ikea, various training field trips.
  • Possible behavior challenges: Jumping onto people when she is excited, olfactory distraction, overly interested in small fast-moving animals, some scavenging.
  • Potential career path: Service

Thank you again for all your support of Advanced Dog Zaria!

Submitted by: Apprentice Instructor Ashley Siddals & Advanced Trainer Lisa Davis