I did a lot of walking and hiking this month. I have been to many different trails and sniffed a lot of great smells. Sometimes I get to run free and sniff, and sometimes I walk on the leash.

 I haven’t been able to play with the dogs that we see along the way but I am pretty good about not tugging on the leash when they walk by.

They tell me that my recall has really improved.  All I know is that if I come back quickly when called, I get a yummy treat!

I have been able to splash in the lake a bit and one day I went swimming, which I love.  Can’t wait until summer when I can REALLY show my new people my stuff!

My daily training has been going well and I get pretty excited when I see my cape. I like to work out in the sunshine and am getting better at ignoring the distractions like cars, people or even dogs walking by.

Submitted By: Pam/Rob McGregor