I have been in my new home for almost two weeks now and I think I am starting to get used to my new routines. We have been doing lots of loose leash walking and my new people say that I am excellent. We also do some off-leash walking and I have been working really hard on my recall skills. To me, I seem to be doing pretty well but apparently, I have a way to go before they can call me completely reliable. I went snowshoeing and loved running in the deep snow! I have also had a couple of playdates with other PADS buddies, one of them was my sister. She is much smaller than I am! This is an area that my new raisers need to work on. As a pretty big boy to navigate through crowded places. I am tucking my heel in pretty well but still need to work on “side” cue. I love to put things in my mouth and sometimes need reminders to make sure that it is an appropriate item. All in all, I am doing pretty well adjusting to my new home and new people.

Submitted By: Pam/Rob McGregor