Well it’s 2021 and I’m excited to see what the new year has in store. So far so good. I got to meet my little nephew, Talbot, this month. He is a real sweet little guy and he loves to play. I went cross country skiing this month and it was super fun. I ran so fast down the hills and my people could actually keep up with me! When we went uphill, I stayed right beside my people and focussed really well. I have been having lots of fun walking and hiking in the snow, both on leash and off. I am happy both ways and I can change from one to the other pretty seamlessly.

We have been working on a new skill to help me learn to lick my lips to slow down my drooling. I think I am catching on. It involves peanut butter and plenty of kibble so I am all in! We are still working on durations. I do really well at home, but I guess I will need a bit more practice in more distracting places.

Submitted By: Pam & Rob McGregor