Whew!  It has been really hot out there this month.  I am not a big fan of the heat, but I have been able to visit lots of lakes and creeks to cool myself off.  I also enjoy splashing in my kiddie pool in the backyard.

We went camping this month and I got to go hiking, swimming and golfing.  My recall, whether hiking or swimming, is really good.  We also visited several little towns where I wore my cape and walked nicely on leash while taking in my new surroundings.

Around camp, I learned that it was better to just chill close to my people so that I did not get so tangled on my long leash.  My carloading skills are great and I am very relaxed on long rides.  I just like to snooze and wait to see where we will end up next.  They said that I am a joy to travel with so hopefully they will take me somewhere else soon (although I get the feeling that people are not travelling too far these days).

We are working on polishing up some of my basic commands as well as some duration practice.  I have been known to “self release” on occasion, so I am working on waiting for the release command more reliably.

Submitted By: Pam/Rob McGregor