This has been a fun month!  I have been doing lots and lots of hiking on great trails and have had some super fun playdates with other puppies.

When I am walking off leash with just my people, my recall is terrific.  They say that I am really “reliable” now.  Of course I still get to show off my loose leash walking, and I am really attentive to my walker.

I like to have things in my mouth but will easily “drop” or “trade” if asked.  I think they caught on quite quickly when I began bringing lots and lots of things to trade – haha!

We have all been working on bed and offering that cue without being asked.  Pretty simple for me, except I have to try hard to get all of my long body completely on the bed.  The doorbell doesn’t bother me – I am just as happy to go to my bed and get a treat.

We have just started playing a game called “Mark and Move.”  I love it!!

Submitted By: Pam/Rob McGregor