Well, things just keep changing out there!  At the beginning of the month, we would go out into the warm sunshine and now it is much cooler when we go for our walks.  I am definitely a guy who prefers the cooler weather and my energy has increased noticeably.  I have even gone for a couple of snowy hikes which were my favourite!

I have been working really hard with my training.  They say that I am getting really enthusiastic about my basic commands.  I even hop into position at times!  Of course, I can be a great loose leash walker and will go pretty seamlessly from off-leash to on-leash on our walks.  My challenge right now is to maintain my cool when I see a person or dog that I know.  I get pretty excited and really want to say hi.  I am working on this – it seems to involve a lot of left-hand turns!

I have made real progress with my sitting duration and of course I am a pretty chill guy around the house.

Once I am finished helping with raking all the leaves, I hear that more hikes, and even snowshoeing and cross country skiing may be in my future. Looking forward to winter!

Submitted By: Pam & Rob McGregor