Zumba Oct 2015 12065545_10154069468241531_4748557881281097532_nHere I am home for the weekend, and getting ready for Halloween.  I have been a busy little puppy the past few weeks – working with Todd and playing hard with the other PADS dogs in “university” during the week, then coming home for some loving and nice family outings with Mum and Dad.    I keep an eye out for that pesky skunk in our back yard and I SAW HIM the other night, but I have learned the wisdom of not chasing or trying to play with a skunk!!!  Mum wanted to dress me up in my people-sister’s old skunk costume for Halloween, but it doesn’t fit.   My little people nephew calls them “stunks”.  I think that is an appropriate name for the varmits!   We had lots of little goblins come to the door and lots of commotion between Dad trying to entertain the kids, and the wild cackling of the witch hanging over our door every time little goblins showed up.  I was a good boy and held my down.  Sometimes Mum and Dad let me go to the door to greet the munchkins, which was really fun because I love kids and they were quite interesting with their strange costumes.  They thought I was cute too!!  Later on there was really a lot of crashing, booming and banging with fireworks across the street, but I really don’t know why people get so excited about it.  I just lay by the fire and enjoyed the evening.

 Submitted by our incredible PADS Dog in Advanced Training, Zumba, and his sensational PADS Volunteer Puppy Raisers and Advanced Sitters, Nola & Frank Chanroux.