Zumba Sep1Meet my Mum, Nola. We have a lot in common … our love of gardening, and of camping and swimming in beautiful Birkenhead Lake. My Mum likes to cook and I like to eat.

Mum got hooked on PADS about 10 years ago when she met the “Weather” litter at 5 weeks old and fell in love. She thought they were the most beautiful puppies in the world, but that was before she met me!! We like to play “tug” and “find it” together, and I have recently discovered that if I “give” Mum’s slippers to her, she is a lot happier than if I try to get her to play “chase” for her slippers!! Now I bring all sorts of stuff to Mum and it always makes her smile!! I am a very perceptive little puppy and I can tell that Mum is very proud of me and loves me a whole bunch!!

Submitted by our fantastic PADS Volunteer Puppy Raiser, Nola Chanroux.