A few years ago, I was off work for an extended period of time and was fighting my way back to mental health. The most challenging part of the process was leaving the house. What would motivate me? Dogs. Volunteering at the Advanced Kennels was perfect for me. Once I could work again, it was difficult to juggle work and volunteering. I ended up having to part ways with PADS so I wouldn’t fall ill again. Deep in my heart I knew I’d be back when it was the right time.

Skip forward a few years and I was back to being covered in fur and smelling of wet dog. Bliss. The pups have been my joy, heartache, laughter, and salvation. They are the purest form of life I have ever met. Each one so unique but all of them are love wrapped in fur and glued together with slobber.

Not only have the pups been there for me, but also new friends that I know will be life-long friends. What a special bunch that can give their hearts, time, and guidance to other soft souls.

You make me laugh, get frustrated, swell with pride, and shed tears of pain. I wouldn’t change a thing. Its life as it should be, a wild ride that you never want to get off of.

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