We want you to be the next member of our team! PADS is more than ninety per cent volunteer-driven and we thrive off the passion of the people who have decided to join the PADS Family. PADS currently runs volunteer programs in the BC Lower Mainland & Okanagan as well as in Calgary, AB.


Step One:

Review the volunteer roles below to see how you can get involved in changing lives.


89Welcome a puppy into your home and your life for approximately 18 mos. Raising a PADS puppy means having a furry companion by your side at work, school, the grocery store and wherever else you may go in a day. This volunteer job is a big commitment, but it is an essential part of socializing our dogs for the working life they will later have with their partner. Puppies will come to live with their raiser at about eight-weeks old, and stay with them for approximately 18 months.

Not sure about committing full time?  Talk to us about co-raising a puppy.  You can partner with a friend or colleague, or we can match you with another member of our volunteer team that is looking for someone to share the responsibility of one puppy.  This is ideal for people whose work environment (Nurses, Chefs, Surgeons, etc) poses challenges for puppy-raising, or for single individuals that want to raise, but don’t have the support of a partner or family member to spell them off periodically (puppies can be very busy!)

Burnaby: Accepting Applications
Okanagan: Accepting Applications
Calgary: Accepting Applications


Ari-January-2015-1Puppy-Sitters are approved handlers that step in if a Raiser needs to leave their puppy for a temporary amount of time, lasting from overnight to several weeks. Some sitters will also look after our young puppies before they are old enough to travel as part of our breeding cooperative (8weeks old to 16 weeks old).

Burnaby: Accepting Applications
Calgary: Accepting Applications
Okanagan: Not Currently Accepting Applications

Breeder Caretakers

IMG_1270Volunteering for this job means providing a home for one of the dogs in our breeding colony in the lower mainland of British Columbia.  Either a female and her puppies (for the first 8 weeks of their lives) or a male that is used as a stud dog. When a litter is “on the ground” someone must be home during the day or be willing to allow other PADS volunteers to stay with the puppies.  These  stable, loving homes are essential to the health and well being of our amazing breeding dogs.
Burnaby: Accepting Applications


Advanced Kennel Volunteers
Pride May 2015 smlThis Burnaby based volunteer role requires committed, reliable individuals who are willing to come to the PADS campus on a schedule to interact with our advanced dogs – this gives them the opportunity to stretch their legs, toilet and get some socialization particularly in the evenings when staff have gone home for the day. Your duties may also include cleaning indoor kennel runs, laundry, washing dog dishes and grooming/bathing dogs.  Shifts in this role can be daytime or evenings, Monday to Friday. We ask that you be a minimum of 18 years or older to apply to be an Advanced Kennel volunteer. We do not currently have any positions available in the Advanced Kennel
Campus Maintenance
Pride March 2015We are often in need of skilled and general workers to help with small and large onsite projects on our Burnaby Campus. We look for volunteers who are qualified and willing to help us with jobs like gardening, power washing, painting, electrical and carpentry to keep our grounds beautiful and safe. Burnaby: Accepting Applications
Office Volunteers
BusterII-January-2015-1Our Burnaby office is always a hub of activity!  Some of the jobs include filing, data entry, mail outs and phone calls as well as marketing/communication tasks such as graphic design, videography, photography, writing or website maintenance. We do not currently have any positions available in the Office
Event Teams
staff and volunteers in DeltaEvent volunteers help us in engage with our community – this starts with helping our staff organize and coordinate fundraising and promotional events. Tasks may also include interacting with the public, soliciting items for donation and picking up and delivering goods. Accepting Applications (All Regions)

BC Lower Mainland

Attend one of our Volunteer Info Sessions to learn more about each position, and ask questions.


Reach out and contact us to learn more about volunteering in the Calgary, AB area.

All other regions

Reach out and contact us to learn more about volunteering in other regions.