Our Mission

PADS breeds, raises, trains and supports certified assistance dogs, partnering them with people living with disabilities, and with community care professionals.


Our clients

Our clients are the reason we exist. Everything we do happens to support them and increase their independence or to facilitate growth and healing.


Our Dogs

Our dogs change lives. They are more than beautiful, healthy companions, they are specially trained to aid people. Learn more about the different kinds of dogs we train and their stories here.


Our volunteers are at the heart of our operations – they make our amazing dogs possible, by providing socialization opportunities.


Our donors and sponsors come alongside our team to fund the care and training of life-changing dogs.  They range from individuals to community groups and corporate sponsors.

Our Staff

Our staff is committed to being one of the best assistance dog schools in the world, and to supporting our clients and volunteers throughout their involvement with our organization.

Our Board

Our Board works hard to drive the mission and vision of the organization, and to ensure we fulfill our mission to the best of our ability.