Adopt a PADS Released Dog

All PADS Dogs are special, but not all are well suited for working with a client in public. These dogs are put up for adoption as pets. These dogs do not have any public access or special skills training, they are young adult dogs that have either health or temperament issues that would preclude them from working. We do not maintain a list of applications, given the unique nature of each dog that is released, rather you may register below to be notified when a dog is available for adoption, and complete an application for any dog that you may suit your family and lifestyle.

Requirements for Adoptive Homes

  • Dogs may not be left for more than 4 hrs: An adult must be home during the day, or you must be able to have the dog accompany you to work. While in puppy-raising, a PADS puppy is never left alone for more than four hours total in a day, therefore they are unaccustomed to spending long periods of time alone and away from people. Since the dog is already making a big adjustment moving from the puppy-raisers house to yours, it is unfair to add the stress of being alone to the dog as well. If an adult will not be home during the day we will not consider your application.
  • Adoption Fees: All released dogs are spayed/neutered and up to date on vaccinations. A typical adoption fee for a PADS release dog is $3000 (+ GST/PST). This amount may vary, depending on the release reason.
  • Public Access/Working Careers: Released PADS dogs have no public access.  Also, before release PADS evaluates each dog for other working careers, therefore, one of the conditions of adoption is often that they may not be used by other agencies for other working roles (some exceptions may apply depending on the reasons of release such as volunteering as a pet visitation dog).

Please Note

Because puppy-raisers and other volunteers have first opportunity to adopt released dogs, it is very unusual to have our dogs go to general adoption, and the dogs that do typically have challenging medical or behavioral needs.  Historically PADS has offered less than 5 dogs a year to the general public for adoption. We encourage you to look at the many adoptable pets available through the SPCA or other organizations by visiting