Written and submitted by Pat

Many years ago, 18, I think, our neighbour up the road was a vet for PADS. Meeting them was how it all started for our family.

Our youngest daughter, Ashley, started volunteering by helping Ron when they went out on field trips. She also bathed many puppy and dogs. It was love at first site with a group of Golden Retrievers.

Ashley was the one that wanted to puppy raise, so she did.  Her first pup was just the beginning of a long love of many PADS puppies and dogs through our house. Over the years, Ashley and myself puppy raised 12 dogs service and hearing dogs. Some made the program, some did not. For me that was the hardest part (and maybe why we kept 2 of those pups over the years, both of whom have passed away). Meeting a puppy that we raised and had graduated 10 years ago and seeing that he still remembered us…  It made all the time and effort so worth it.

My daughter was a very shy person, but all the years of talking to people and taking the dogs to school changed her for the good. She is a groomer now and has been for many years. PADS is the best program for anyone to get involved with, it changed our lives forever. Thank you. One day we will be back to volunteer again.


All PADS assistance dogs are provided to clients at no cost. Behind each and every success story is a donor who makes this possible.

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Ken and Riddle at PADS Grad in 2013