The year was 2007. I had had my first PADS dog, Leroy, for about 2 years. I was a student at Kwantlen and Leroy and I seemed to be the only working team there. Then, one day we were walking the halls and we ran into PADS puppy Ruby and her raiser Tara. For Ruby and Leroy, it was love at first sniff. They both lit up when they saw each other. For me, it was a chance to meet someone who was volunteering their time raising a puppy, knowing they would be giving it up to help someone.

Ten years later, Ruby has been a VIP to two special children for nearly 8 years, Tara is on her 6th PADS dog (and is the Communications Guru at PADS), and Leroy worked with me for 9 years, is now almost 15 years old, and living his retirement years being spoiled by my parents. I currently work with my second amazing PADS dog, Walker.

PADS has given me the chance to meet so many amazing people who have become amazing friends. I am thankful for both of my PADS dogs, and my whole PADS family.

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