It’s September and that means Hockey Season! Seems like only yesterday my raisers took me to my first hockey game, hard to believe it’s been almost seven months. I think my “Go In” space under the chairs has shrunk a bit since last year but I make it work. Everyone is so impressed with how much I’ve learned (and grown) since March, what can I say, I’m Awesome!

This month in puppy class we’ve been working a lot on our duration for different skills. I managed to do a 4 minute “Sit” and a 5 min “Wait” at an open door while all the other puppies were walking around me. I may have snuck my paws over the threshold when I lay down but hopefully no one noticed. The next thing were working on is my duration and positioning for a proper “Down”, apparently spreading out on my side and taking up as much room as possible doesn’t count.

Anyway I’m told next month I get to experience something called “Howl-o-ween” all I know is it’s a holiday involving food so I’m excited. As long as mum doesn’t go through with her idea of dressing me as a cat…

Submitted by: Sarah Markson