What’s wonderful about LOHN

Leggy lanky Lohn is a sweet and spicy boy.  He is easy to live with and great in his kennel or left loose in the house, but when he’s out and about he is fast and full of beans.  He has a ton of fun training and enjoys showing off the many skills he has learned at PADS.  He will happily hike for several hours and would love to learn some new tricks or dog sports in his pet life. This dog is no couch potato!

Lohn tries his heart out for ‘his’ people, even when he’s feeling nervous or overwhelmed. Some of his favourite things are exploring in the woods, an enthusiastic game of tug, train train train (anything for kibble) and after a long day, to cuddle up with his person.


Lohn is a 0 to 100 type of dog. When he is excited or under stress, he shows frenetic type behaviours and will pull on leash, sniff excessively, and shake off frequently. He is a very active dog, and needs a person who can match his energy and support him when he becomes overexcited. Bicycles, scooters, and joggers are particularly exciting for him, and he may lunge or bark as they zoom past.

Lohn has mild hip dysplasia diagnosed on x-ray. He has not shown any indications of pain or discomfort: hip dysplasia is diagnosed by radiographs which we do on all of our PADS dogs. Some dogs have changes in their radiographs but never present with any symptoms. The symptoms you could expect would be limping, slower to stand/or lay down and discomfort when running and playing. Most dogs with mild hip dysplasia do not show any symptoms, or at least not until they are seniors and most do not need any surgical intervention or any extreme measures.  At this point Lohn is ready to live as a normal healthy pup!


Home Requirements

Someone must be home the majority of the day. As with all PADS dogs that have spent their lives in the full-time company of their raisers, the living situation must accommodate not leaving Lohn alone at home for more than 4 hours/day.

A stable home environment is required. This includes regular exercise, grooming, veterinarian care, food, as well as other necessary supplies and equipment.

Released PADS dogs do not have public access, meaning they are not allowed to enter malls, restaurants, hotels, or shops that are not pet friendly. They are only permitted to go to public locations that are pet dog friendly. Before releasing a dog from our program, PADS evaluates each dog for other working careers. Lohn is not eligible for any other working career. Therefore, one of the conditions of adoption is that he may not be used by other agencies for other working roles (some exceptions may apply depending on the reasons of release, such as volunteering as a pet visitation dog).


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Lohn’s speedy nature and mild hip dysplasia made him unsuitable as a working dog

Adoption fee: $3000 (+GST/PST)
Birthdate: September 3, 2022
Breed: Lab Golden Cross
Sex: Male (Neutered)
Coat Colour: Yellow
Weight: 66 lbs

Location: Lohn is located in the lower mainland


Lohn is tattooed, micro-chipped, eyes checked, hips x-rayed, and vaccinations are up to date.

Therapy Work: Due to his temperament, PADS does NOT give Lohn approval to be certified as a volunteer pet visitation dog (i.e St Johns Ambulance/Pets and Friends, etc).